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Everlast - Tired


#Hip-Hop#Blues Rock#Underground Rap

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Everlast - Tired
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Текст песни "Everlast - Tired"

Make you go Soul for soul over mic control Kid, you can't touch me with a ten foot pole And I even made the devil sell me his jewels He was out to cold mock me and play you for fools, kid You know the rules. Must be smokin' super cools Tried to diss me on the low got to be a psycho That's a'ight though. You know you won't see me shakin' I'm 'bout to blow the spot on who's real and who's fakin' Who's givin', who's takin', who's livin', who's starvin' Diss me on the mike it's time for headstone carvin' And epitaph writin'. I'll strike you like lightnin' Dissolve you like powder, so turn it up louder Go on, pump the wattage, get the cheese by cottage I like mean streaks, I like Spanish freaks I like Korean barbecue, I like old school beats But.. CHORUS (2x) I'm sick of all the shit that's droppin' And I'm tired of all the lip that's poppin' And all the whack attitudes people coppin' I'm only tryin' to get a few heads boppin' It go bang bang boogie, I'm sick like a loogie I'm wiser than Bud. I'm thicker than blood I'm older than time, molded from the divine How could you be so bold to think that you'll take mine? I'm cash like Johnny, it's the highway man And I'm walkin' this line the best way I can With my farmer's tan and my bloodshot eyes I ain't bodied no one, I ain't chopped no pies With the budders from the gutters I'm about to explode and blow the spot for folk nav up the Gun Hill road like artillery shells been from heaven and hell and I'm a say a little prayer for every rapper that fell 'Cause CHORUS More lyrics: All about Everlast:
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