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Mudvayne - Under My Skin

Under My Skin

#Alternative Metal#Nu-Metal

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Mudvayne - Under My Skin
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Текст песни "Mudvayne - Under My Skin"

Nailed inside my head, Fuck this I don't need your shit, All the lies deceit and arrogance, Talk your shit like my life is some kinda game, Like you fuckin' know me, Just go far away and be small, Run far away and be small, Go lie in a hole and be small, Thorns, splinters, pushing, Under my skin, They want in, Sharpened tongue to penetrate me, If you really think you got what it takes to be me, Then walk a mile in the skin of my head case mental being, So you want a piece of this life that belongs to me, Well make a cut on the line and take a deeper look inside of the freak, That is me, fucker, come on, Disturb, search me, prying up all my scales To get in lance the core to penetrate me, So you want inside of me, So you want a piece of this, So you want to tear me down, for your own selfish wants and needs Disturb, search me, prying, up all my scales, To get in, lance the core to penetrate me, So you want inside of me So you want a piece of me, So you want to drag me down, For your own selfish wants and needs You were there like a punk, Just to get in my face, Wanted in me wanted to be Till I gave you a taste Don't need your goddamn pressure Frontin' stress I'm superman motherfucker Without the "s" on my chest Trying to step in my circle I'm leaving you purple and black On your back drop your ass like a heart attack Rippin' through your life like a motherfuckin' Hurricane fist full of Novocain for the pain You're nothing in my life in my head You're nothing in my life in my land Nailed inside my head You're under my fuckin' skin! I have cleansed my life now of the people who pry And threaten place always in my face I think it's time for them to Go away always in my fuckin' space, Always in my scene always in my sight, Always in my way You're dead to me punk ass fuck . There's nothing left
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