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Hatebreed - Straight To Your Face

Straight To Your Face

#Metalcore#Hardcore Punk

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Hatebreed - Straight To Your Face
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Текст песни "Hatebreed - Straight To Your Face"

Straight to your face with the truth The longer it takes for you to achieve The faster they want to see you break It's in their nature to try to destroy What they know they could not help create I've seen it for years and I know first hand Who is genuine and who is fake The rest of the leeches will come and go Good riddance, we hated you anyway Straight to your face with the truth! Sometimes it gets hard When the road to the future take you back To a better day, you wonder and ask yourself Where the time went and why some people Had lost their faith Through some memories and the friendships we had over time have begun to fade We're still right here and we're stronger than ever What we've done can never be taken awa y
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