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Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later

Laugh Now, Cry Later

#Gangsta Rap#West Coast Rap

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Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later
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Текст песни "Ice Cube - Laugh Now, Cry Later"

Uh-huh, understand this I don't give a fuck about what y'all talkin about I ain't tryin to hear none of that shit Nigga I'ma do what I wanna do When I wanna do it, how I wanna do it And you better hope I don't do it to you Now, I don't care what momma got to say I don't care what grandmomma got to say Nigga I'm grown Let me tell you a lil' somethin about me I was born not to give a fuck, wanna drink, get your cup Turn it up, throw it up, take the world, blow it up Somebody slow it up, roll it up, smoke it up My own momma can't keep me from loc'n up One ear out the other, one man out to smother The neighborhood, that left me here without my brother Fuck you undercovers and you dirty motherfuckers In the hood, that still fuck without rubbers Club hop, bar hop, car shop, nail shop To the mall, spend it all, why the hell not What bills, what rent, don't know what's spent Why you care, do you work for the government? [Chorus] Fuck it homey, I'ma laugh now and cry later Get your paper we can laugh now and cry later All you players you can laugh now and cry later Investigators let you laugh now and cry later [Ice Cube] See I'm a product of this urban decay A nigga dyin for tomorrow, but live for today A nigga lie steal and borrow, and cheating's okay Don't you tell these motherfuckers that my name is O'Shea Cause I'ma fuck up my baby's credit, let him regret it 7 months old he's already got a jail record I'm the one to blame, put it in my momma name She's a drama queen, but I got the bling bling I need the watch and the bracelet and the earrings I need you all to show up at my hearings Tell the judge I'm a nice nigga, good nigga And I'ma play the sad face when he look nigga [Chorus] [Interlude: repeat 2X] "The number you are calling was lost, and cannot be called back" "Your last call return service" [Ice Cube] It's fucked up, that y'all won't accept my calls Tell momma, at least she can send some drawers These walls, make y'all forget about me I'm comin home, in 2033 But that's irrelevant, did you get the mail I sent What I tell a bitch, you better stay celibate She start lyin to me, tell me who she ain't fuckin Never tell me that my homeboys ain't nothin Bun in the oven, it belong to my cousin Got the nerve, to tell me that you really love me (What?) I'ma kill her ass when a nigga make parole Hit her with my cane, cause a nigga gray and old [Chorus] [Outro: Ice Cube] Man, it ain't right man Y'know y'all ain't doin me right man A nigga tryin to do right man Y'know I'm tryin to change my life man, y'know? I done found the Lord while I'm in here, y'know? I I'm tryin to do right now, I mean Y'know I'm sorry for everythang That I, I I mean y'know That's fucked up how y'all doin me man Y'all niggaz could at least send me somethin "Alright, first four guys, let's go... lock it up"
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