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Ice Cube - Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do

Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do

#Gangsta Rap#West Coast Rap

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Ice Cube - Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do
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Текст песни "Ice Cube - Doin' What It 'Pose 2Do"

"Thinkin about what he gon' do now" "Ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Gangster" "Ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Gangster" "Ride through the hood, ride through the hood" "Ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Ri-ri-ri-ride through the hood" "Keep it low to the ground" "Gangster" "Low, low to the, l-l-low to the ground" [Chorus: Ice Cube] You see my lo' lo' (doin what it 'pose to do) And that fo' do' (doin what it 'pose to do) You know my big watch (doin what it 'pose to do) I make the bitches watch (doin what it 'pose to do) I see that big ass (doin what it 'pose to do) When you walk pass (doin what it 'pose to do) You know my shit shine (doin what it 'pose to do) I make the bitch mind (doin what it 'pose to do) [Ice Cube] Had to come through, shine on you niggaz Stop lyin on a nigga, got my nine on your liver (click clack) Fuck around and go blind on a nigga Do time for a nigga, put your mind on your mirror (POO POW!) All you niggaz that's materialistic Don't fuck wit'cha boy or become a statistic Ice Cube is very artistic But I'm still from the hood, will take your existence So muhfuckers tryna scratch my paint It's West coast in the house, what the fuck you thank? (the fuck you thank?) I'm big bank guy, spent on my outfit 'Cause I'm fly and your ass ain't about shit I let that bullshit do what it 'pose to do Go to the club, grab me a hoe or two Understand, God has a chosen few Fuck around, and I'll put some holes in you [Chorus] [Ice Cube] Now e'ry muhfucker in here bitchin, we rollin In that big body wide thang, a nigga patrollin Y'all jealous of the ass that a nigga be holdin Ain't scared of the po' po' and what they patrollin? Gotta job muhfucker, I work for myself I got benefits bitch, dental and health I do it 24/7, I rob 7-11 If I had to, I take it straight back to heaven +Witta Attitude+, I got the Range blowed out So if you jack me homey, I never jump out (No!) I just tickle these switches and tickle these bitches That's lickin all on my paint job like liquorish I know a lotta dances, they call me Jolly Ranchers 'Cause I shine like Rudolph, nigga fuck Prancer! Ice Cube, reflect like chrome (bling!) When I'm in the hood, I run it like Rome (Yi-YAY!) [Chorus] [Ice Cube] Call her ass right there, she got that kush And I'ma run all through it like Reggie Bush And I'ma hit that bush like George Bush In the middle of the night like a crook Don't fuck with her, her ass is average Only fuck with the ones with the whole package Who gives a fuck if yo' ass look good If yo' ass can't cook good, that's on the hood (that's on the hood) Fine bitches, you shit out of luck 'Cause I'm prolly gon' eat more than I fuck (more than I fuck) You got do it all, not just send them all Cook and cleaning, love a nigga's shitty drawers Naw, I'll keep you flossin up at Ready Tellers The kinda shit that make them other bitches jealous Pull up, jump out, I'm like new money And watch the bees in the house come and get the honey
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