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Tony Yayo - Homicide



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Tony Yayo - Homicide
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Текст песни "Tony Yayo - Homicide"

Yea, yea, yea [P-Reala:] I get it now a motherfucker got it then My own folk is gone tryna get these parrots in I'm on a bird with them birds yea that trafficking G4 on the way to see the africans No confirmation, we do tell numbers With a bag full of bills like the male ronda M.I.a, that's the high rise No restaurants but I could get 5 guys And they all got a fag count Shit ain't adding up we gon do a head count See these automatic guns got bodies on em I got killers with me this is just a hobby for em [Chorus x2: P-Reala] Homicides on my mind everytime that we ride You don't wanna fuck around and be around when we high And we ride, and we ride, and we ride, and we riiiiidee [Tony Yayo:] I'm bout to fly to the caymen islands My bitch from camden where them shooters wylin Y'all niggaz thinkin bout bloggin and them cheap hoes I'm thinkin stash house and a speed boat Weight up rooms think you disappear like david blain Homicide come around nobody seen a thing I bought my 1st trap and got a little heart And had it ever since lemal was in linkin park Jump in yhe hooptie, tie them bows tight Ride on a nigga aim with my sights Police comin, I'm runnin from the lights Come and kill I'm a come back in that after life As michael myers, slash all your tyres Leave your baby momma residence I start the fire As you walk your legs begin to grow weak You hit nigga it's time for you to go to sleep [Chorus x2]
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