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Hatebreed - We Still Fight

We Still Fight

#Metalcore#Hardcore Punk

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Hatebreed - We Still Fight
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Текст песни "Hatebreed - We Still Fight"

Talk of the causes you support Voice your misdirected views You only comment on the things you don't have the power to change Do you even think before you speak Do you know what it is you condone? Take a look at the world today You've taken your freedom and safety for granted How do you justify (you have no right) The way you disgrace those who gave their lives And how do you justify (you have no right) The way you disrespect those whose loved ones died. Everyday is a different crusade You revolt from the safety of your fantasies Privileged, you've never fought for a thing You'd be the first to go if there was real anarchy All your jargon makes me sick You're the farthest thing from an activist You've lost sight of what's important and real You've taken your freedom and safety for granted (How do you justify...) Kill! This is dedicated to all those who gave their lives to uphold their beliefs Not to those who try to demean their sacrifices You have no right. For those who fought our rights and for those who gave their lives. And for the families whose love ones died. It's their honor for which we still fight.
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