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Young Maylay - San Andreas Theme Song

San Andreas Theme Song

#Gangsta Rap#G-Funk#West Coast Rap

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Young Maylay - San Andreas Theme Song
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Текст песни "Young Maylay - San Andreas Theme Song"

[Verse] Welcome to San Andreas, I'm CJ from Grove Street Land of the heinous, gang bangers and cold heat In Los Santos neighbors get no sleep Beefing with anybody competing even police For deepin' a green rag with both feet Blast wit' a flag on the strap, that's OG! Stay in shape, hit the gym, lift the weights Super cut and big and buff nice and straight You got stats, respect, weapon skill Stamina, muscle, fat and sex appeal You get clothes from Binco, and ProLaps, Suburban, Zip, Victim and D-Sach Watch yo' back when them rival hoods They'll test just to guess at your survivor skill Duckin' shells at the Cluckin' Bell Jump out, bust a gun until they tuck they tail It seems like I'm on impossible missions Twisted predicaments, hostile positions Tenpenny and Pulaski harass me, cop cars been on our ass the last past week Cause the 'Dreas is full of gangsters homeboy hands is the language for the bangers homeboy And it's dangerous homeboy Get your brains 'fore how you do yo fingers homeboy Heat cock we popping hop dump em out been a block shake before the cops come Listen to sirens they ain't got none back another lap catch a straggler with a shot gun Hit em up wit' a Grove Street lie dirty sling shot mo' knee high
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