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Lords of the Underground - Take Dat

Take Dat

#Hardcore Rap

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Lords of the Underground - Take Dat
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Текст песни "Lords of the Underground - Take Dat"

Uh, uhh, yeah.. what? LOTUG, uhh, yeah Yeah, uh, uh From the Q to New Jeru, yeah Uhh.. hip-hop Kid Called Roots Who am I? [Mr. Funke] I am a Lord and see, yeah you know me Brown ass nigga zig-zags from Jersey When yo' system knocks, better be Lords on the box Watch ya spot, we Set It like Vivica Fox You know I be ridin in eighty-fitty-I wit Sha while we umm * inhales * on lye And when it's trouble, we push the Black Lex bubble Me and Cappo, push the whip REAL SLOW Tinted windows, so nobody know Lord of Undo', translates to below Feel the flow, cause we blow like so Eatin NoDoz, quick to kick like bolo You know, the way we go, you betta follow Six-double-oh travel roads that's narrow Watch your body, feel it twist like karate Take dat, feel dat, it's enough for everybody [DoItAll] Check it - a hum dullah don't deserve to be a star DoItAll, Lord Jazz, Funk Man, yo who we are - Lords Immacular, push the black Lex car Hang you off the balcony -- now my office hours are.. The rap game is full of wannabees who ain't nice I get up in it, cook niggaz in a minute like rice Rock a lot of ice! Keep the girls lookin at me funny Tryin to get pregnant, tryin to get some money But you must be crazy if you think we havin that I've got lawyers that could prove that the Earth's still flat Fools wanna stress me, but I can raise the mackin out Got the Lex off the lot, make the owner back it out What, L (L), O (O), T-U-G (G) Livin like kings, gotta push the big Jeep Take trips to Hong Kong, backstage at a show with some Chinese broad named -- Sum Dum Hoe -- what? Chorus: repeat 2X Take dat, yeah nigga take dat Feel dat.. "Take that take that take that" -> Puff Daddy [Mr. Funke] What the deal is? You see my jewels be the chillest I be the illest, me and Lords, back with real shit Hip shit, Hop shit, freak any topic Knock it? Stop it, niggaz didn't lock this It's Resurrection Dun-Dun, frequently let one BLAOW from the big gun, make the whole crowd run Ask Sun, come on down and hit me one Break me off one, come and get some [DoItAll] Who wan' come test, take it to your chest Put a bullet in your Bubblegoose like Wyclef Funk Man got these rap cats jealous of me Like Joe Frazier jealous of Muhammad Ali But can't nobody touch this, far as I can see If you don't want beef, you gotta give it to me The Jim Carrey of this rap shit, makin niggaz laugh at you dirty MC's, need to go and take a bath, uhh [Mr. Funke] Take a seat'n, ain't no competin Me and Lord Jizzy, Funk Man ain't retreatin Disbelievin, might end all your breathin Catch me on the weekend, black Jeep creepin Thug niggaz love niggaz, who bust niggaz So bust this niggaz, pass the lime liquor I'm quicker, than your average umm type niggaz Take dat, take dis, this for you niggaz! [DoItAll] Take dat, Put It In Your Mouth like Akinyele The style that I kick make all MC's jeally The bone-crusher, rock the microphone from here to Russia Leave dents instead of fingerprints when I touch ya Efficiently declared illegal by the government Kidnap your mother make you wonder where your brother went My crew, retaliate like Benny Blanco Make my getaway, in a stolen White Bronco Chorus 2X
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