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Lords of the Underground - No Pain

No Pain

#Hardcore Rap

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Lords of the Underground - No Pain
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Текст песни "Lords of the Underground - No Pain"

Forever to the east.. no pain Fear no man feel no pain Fear no man feel no pain Fear no man feel no pain Fear no man feel no pain Fear no man feel no pain {Mr Funkyman} Look into my eyes hear my name (echo of chorus) Mr funkyman show no shame (echo of chorus) {Mr Funkyman} Everybody walks like the man talks like the man You can be a man but not Mr Funkyman Cause a lot of people say Mr Funkyman is not human Call me what you want I keep your system like booming I have arisen live from the mental prison I am trying to figure out who these nigga's think they dissin You blow up and everybody wants to diss a brother I swear if it anit one dam thing its another But its cool cause I know how you feel Niggas just mad cause they anit got no record deal-- Sah b On the real My name is Mr Funkyman and no there anit no other Ask your mother Chorus x4 {Sah b} Once again I be the microphone damager Fuck you yore record company you're production and your manager You're better of getting a hysterectomy Than trying to step to me Don't even think about wetting me We can go steal-to-steal grill-to-grill record deal to record deal the hill to hill Back at you felling no pain And by no other name Cause I am still remain the same And it's a shame that suckers getting paid for fronting Yo Mr Funkyman let them no a little something Is there any crew you that can get with us Cause not don't even think about it-- Mr Funkyman I heard your trying to bite my style But it anit worth your while Cause I got new styles like ?? Sah b packed with dope rhymes and dope beats Stepping out one And get that ass done yeah Chorus x4 {Mr Funkyman} So as Mr Funkyman steps into the room Its clear like a finger pointing to the moon That you should never try to diss your style is corny Nigga I will get all up in your ass like I am horney (ouch) How you going jump up talking about what I stole Bitch you better slow your role Before yousell your soul Getting all mad when you don't know the facts But what you need to do is relax Yeah sit that ass down man To tell the truth I think you like the way I rock How you going to diss me when your mum is on my jock But you can bring your boys and I will eat them all This ball beat them all I get you open like menthol You know real titles have to be earned That's why I am Mr Funkyman and you're just a herb We can rumble like Rocky and Apollo creed Because I never been afraid to bleed So what you need no pain
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