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Bow Wow - B.O.W.



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Bow Wow - B.O.W.
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Текст песни "Bow Wow - B.O.W."

L-B- dub ENT Uh uh huh uh Uh uh huh uh I just thought I'd breathe on yall for a second Matter a fact Lemme holla at yall Make girls fall out Lose they mind Girl fighting over me like Brooke Valentine (Ha, ha) I Been known get down and do my thing Got women over 35 Screamin my name (Bow Wow) Flow so insane Everytime I drop Makin hits after hits No I won't stop (naw) Lil Kids to adults Rappin my songs If you though JD wrote this You wrong (it's me) If you ask me how i'm livin I'll tell you I'm great Money stacks taller than the impire state (damn) Hottest thing since the LL and Kool Moe beef You can line them guys up But I put em to sleep (that's right) I'm the B-O-W (Who?) W-Oooo-W And these cats know how it go Since 13 I been known for bumpin out that steam Ain't nuthin changed homeboy I'm still bringin the heat And I got a Pocket full of dough Sold out shows Steppin out the Phantom Wit the suicide do's Yeahhh (I'm Booooow) I'm the B-O-W W-O-W (Wow) Said I'm known as the low key don Get up out the stores like Pokemon Did (ha, ha) I ain't impressed by thes tuff that yall did I'm way beyond it (uh huh) I'm in the Phantom Hop out handsome Can't nobody do it like my grandmama grandson (naw) Rock shades and some Bathing Apes New cars everytime they changin shapes I had cake before I got alot more Way before I did the first scream tour (damn) Whole crowd roar Whole team soar Bring it up the back and my whole team score (that's right Might scoop shorty take her wit me to the mall Spend a few g's Show her how a player ball (oww) Hit her later show her how a player call I got it on smash I ain't worrie Cuz I got a All my people on the left All my people on the right All my people in the middle Up top Say Booooooooooooow Wooooooooooooooow
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