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Bow Wow - Caviar (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Caviar (feat. Snoop Dogg)


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Bow Wow - Caviar (feat. Snoop Dogg)
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Текст песни "Bow Wow - Caviar (feat. Snoop Dogg)"

[chorus] On a mission whishin upon a star young boweezy with the caviar. In the back of a limo no demo this is the real breakin niggaz down like ivander hollyfeild. [verse 1] I might come to your town shut a show down got the whole crowd screamin lil bow wow. without the lil but i'm still on top back with ssd record sales won't flop (nah) thats what u thought but i'm in that new proche no box earings chain on no watch (das big) picture a granfather clock with diamonds, thats just the kinda mind state that i'm in. Caviar, cartier, carterdrop on my neck call her dear cute shorty called lenier (come here). I'm on my p's and my q's stones green to da blue 23's when I cruise. Feel my calf muscle on my brake pedal aint another yungin on my bank level (where u at?). I'm right hurr neva late please see clurr its no blurr yes sir. [chorus 2x] On a mission wishin upon a star young boweezy with the caviar. In da back of a limo no demo this is the real breakin niggaz down like ivander hollyfield. [verse 2] I'm on leer jets, know what make your face from your tears wet while u rockin last years sweats. Swag yeah i got it prada bags for my luggage, face on screen for everything I doez in da public. Boy wonder, make the other boys wonder how we keep it comin different every summa. Dont be amazed cuz of me, be amazed cuz da v came with a five year opped out lease (yea) das cuz I paid wat I paid if you paid like i'm paid den yo cribs came wit da maids and if it didn't den you slippin catch up but by the time you do i'll probably do it different. I'm advanced the the pants see the kicks see the stones on the risk u see the phone on my hip? (where it at?) it's right thurr up to date please see clurr its no blurr yes sir. [chorus 2x] [verse 3 snoop] Shootin niggaz down, slappin bitches up, straight cash strut with some heny in my cup. Rude for the hell of it, I should be the president ay yo homey doggy dogg got da medicine (where, where?) in da cabinet, I'm tha magnet, of attracting the badest bitches on the planet dig it. I once waz a pup neva scared to run up I did it till the day I came up and starz do shine, I take my 32 lines and try to make you unwined first I, chop um and den some, flop um den flip um, break um and bend um, den fix um convince them to buy my records cuz you know its all hits spread the word cuz you know its the shit! Quit playin go get it quit hesitatin its the young and the big on da real my nig. [chorus 4x]
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