Cypress Hill - Valley of Chrome

Valley of Chrome


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Cypress Hill - Valley of Chrome
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Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Valley of Chrome"

[B-Real] You can't hide from the man with the master plan Huntin for your head "How I Could Just Kill a Man" Ayo, where you at baby keep your head low, damn Got you on the camcorder in the black minivan You crossed line, time for the light to blind You can run but I never be far behind You never know when it's gonna come, paranoid Cuz the mentality is seek and destroy Better look around before you come out your door Cuz shit catches up but you don't want no more Only time will provide the right sign for real You might die cuz you hesitate to find the steel [HOOK 2X:] You better never let me catch you alone! Bring it on, bring it on! Bring it on, bring it on! You might die in the Valley of Chrome! Keepin on, keepin on, keep, keep, keepin on! [Sen-Dog] Listen up mothefuckers I got shit on my mind The spotlight's on me and it's time to shine I smack any brat that be jumpin outta line I smoke any fool try to diss on my rhyme I get y'all, wearin no can't protect y'all Wash your brain and have you infiltrate the Same bunch of suckers that be tryin to hate me Wanna take me out so they can try and replace me Fuck what ya heard, have ya seen lately The size of my clan is improving greatly No one will hold 'em back, bringin the big heater Watch a nigga run scared, faster than a cheetah Speed of light, move faster than sound But I'm still on they back and I'm gaining much ground [HOOK 2X] [B-Real] No matter what you seen, we still smokin the green Represent for all the people still a part of the scheme Playa haters, imitaters wanna roll with the team But they fade away, hate away, all for the cream They wanna instigate ?to get a losse forget my stake? Take advantage of the rilla, rob killa who scrapes Cuban motherfuckers who don't know who I am Better step aside suckers watch the heater expand Get outta hand, see the light, you and your clan Better scram outta here before you get slammed I stand strong, keepin on, when I'm rollin alone But you sorry bitches hideaway, place unknown [HOOK 4X]
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