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Crazy Town - Only When I'm Drunk

Only When I'm Drunk

#Alternative Rock#Rapcore#Rap-Rock

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Crazy Town - Only When I'm Drunk
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Текст песни "Crazy Town - Only When I'm Drunk"

I get drunk and I stumble to the phone Conjure up a bitch to bone when I'm alone Fucked up, tore back, I need to take a piss Only when I'm drunk I sing a song like this My grandma and your grandma, sittin' by the fire Hold on, turn that beat off! Nah, keep it going Crazytown, yo y'all just not known' I get drunk and start talking more shit And when I got a gun in my hand You better get out Cause my brain just ain't what it used to be Forget trying to rationalize, cover your eyes I get, uh! Damn I'm drunk! I need a chunk, no better yet A hunk of that funk I get, uh! Damn I'm drunk! I need a chunk, no better yet A hunk of that funk Yeah I'm good bad, dope I'm freaky fresh I make hip-hop fans say yes, yes Crazy's comin' through you know we're gonna blow up Hold up, wait, I think I'm gonna throw up Nah, false alarm I'm getting all ladies with my cool charm When I get drunk I might even call my daddy a punk Yeah, but only when I'm drunk Yeah, only when I'm drunk Only when I'm drunk It happens only when I'm drunk It goes, one for the chronic two for the amnesia I'm that crazy white boy with the drinks in the freezer Bust a one out, two out blitz type of rapper That will get you out of your seat quicker than a car jacker Sippin' colt forty fever when I'm coolin' with my people Got ho's in east Columbus when I'm Billy D. Rico "Cause I move like I'm smooth like Like I'm Harry Belafonte Lookin' for them suckers that jumped my homey Le Le All up in this bitch with the Gin and Tanqueray dink like Mr.Wendal smoke bud like Dr Dre. But that's cause I'm old en
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