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Sly Boogy - Thatz My Name

Thatz My Name


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Sly Boogy - Thatz My Name
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Текст песни "Sly Boogy - Thatz My Name"

The crooked letter l to the y the b Double o g to the y thats me G'd up hoppin out the ride with heat With a dime piece posted in the drivers seat All yaked up Twistas on my feet With some kush wrapped up in a swisha sweet Got the hood jacked up since i hit the streets All i really need to make the mix complete Is a hood rat love Before i get raw Is a lil bone freak For the menage-a-trois I wont come cheap no not at all Sling a elbow a week so that i can ball (oh yeah) Smoke weed drink alcohol Every day all day i be clownin ya'll Spit shit my way and you're bound to fall Witcha bitch on my nuts comin out the drawers Chorus 1x Sly boogy that'z my name (uh huh) And i came to run the game (oh yeah) Sweet flows that be off the chain Now the west coast ain't the same (i keep thuggin it up) Westside drivin that's my style (thats whats up) When i call bitch back it up (ima back it up) And try not to get that fucked up And let the police snatch me up (i keep thuggin it up) Sly to the "b" the "o" "o" "g" "y" With oz's of 'dro Im goin be high with more trees to smoke I dont see why the police should know (na uh) Im on the d-lo tryin to sneak a toke So the po-po wont come seize my dough Hope they don't go loco and leave me bro In a choke hold cause y'all trying to squeeze my throat (oooh Ooooh) Im bout as trife as a nasty dyke Im checkin the rear view for the black n white With the big sirens and the flashin lights Two drops of visine and pack the pipe (ah-ight) All my school to the afternoon Sippin booze with a crew that be clappin tunes I need to take my black ass back to school But all i wanna do is just act a fool (whoo) Chorus 1x Hook x1 Sly boogy he so damn hood... Most folks know he ain't know damn good... Choke on smoke when we blow that wood Post up low when we roll that kush Endo 'dro hypno and gin (endo 'dro hip-hop is in) Chop the top smoke sense blow and gin Oh no you know we goin sinning 1 more 2 more 3 more again Its the big young haul with the massive cuts Come hit this alcohol, pass the blunt I expose my balls when im actin up With the thugs and the broads like thats the cut You can catch me in the jam with some caps to bust In the back with some cats that will stab you up With a fat money stack livin lavey lush Sly boogy young ghetto fabulous (ok?) Chorus 4x
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