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Cassidy - The Problem Vs. The Hustla

The Problem Vs. The Hustla


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Cassidy - The Problem Vs. The Hustla
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Текст песни "Cassidy - The Problem Vs. The Hustla"

[Cass the Problem] I'm in the zone boy and I got the chrome boy I'll have blood gushing out your dome on your homeboy I'm a threat see you should of left me alone boy I'm real to the chromosome you a clone boy Chicks get bone I'm know for getting dome boy Probably got your baby moms number in my phone boy And if I hittin the click up dick sucks Had your bitch in the telly throwin her 'SIX" up Yea we made her lick nuts then hop on the 6 bus After this over than they gon try say this was fixed up They gon be like he cheated that's why he beated I've been in wild battles and won I'm undefeated The punch lines that I put in the streets Even made freeway say "Put on a beat" Only the strong pre-vail I know but a shell Make him yell like hoes when I perfom hotel [Cass the Hustla] Listen to this all that lip will get you and your man bodied I'm the man you a bitch in a man's body You a disgrace who wrote your shit? Mase? Your album wasn't nothing like the shit on the mixtapes First you was hustling bustin them shells Then you went commercial to get a couple of sells That's what you got a couple of sells And you probably wouldn't of sold loads if wasn't for Kels Well you was crazy man with the punch line flow But now you the ladies man where the punch lines go Yo it don't get no better You was smiling chi-town stepping but ain't get no cheddar If you a star I'm a galaxy nigga One verse'll merk all your personalities nigga You garbage and ain't nothing trash about me I'm THE HUSTLER MUTHAFUCKER ASK ABOUT ME... ASK ABOUT ME PUSSY [Cass the Problem] I got shit on lock Like I'm constipated you will get abominated I ain't lyricist of the year but I was nominated Where your strip at you ain't hustling nigga That track would have been wack if it wasn't for Jigga I'm a ladies man chicks loving a nigga But I'll still put a slug in a nigga BRAAT Real funny I went gold but get money on the road And I own a hundred percent of my publishing nigga [Cass the Hustla] You don't really want the drama nigga You'll take more shots in your face then Madonna nigga You get eight I'm like dime a nigga You don't battle you make songs for the chicks like Mashonda nigga The best is me I got stripes like a referee And coke comin on boats like a refugee You should switch flow nigga your shits gold When I drop I'mma shit more than your shit sold NIGGA
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