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Damian Marley - Stuck In Between

Stuck In Between


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Damian Marley - Stuck In Between
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Текст песни "Damian Marley - Stuck In Between"

Well den a two gyal mi have And I am stuck in between One a hold out Like she don't want to give in One a move out Like she don't want to live in One a 21 Di other one a 19 Now one a mi woman And one a mi queen One face ah wrinkle When mi laundry fi clean One can not cook it Of mi ital cuisine She surely learned About mi king size trampoline One dominant Di other one reign supreme One very kind Di other one kinda mean One a rude gyal Di other one squeaky clean Di 3 of we together That's my ideal dream One gyal so tight Man have to use vasoline Next gyal so wide She must a use gasoline Ah dem a kinda a gyal weh Bust your self-esteem And mek you wanna build Your own housing scheme Nothing a change To discipline mi a dean Real buffalo In Rastafari regime Bush bungalo ah where mi Dwell wid mi queen Mek dem know say things Are not always what they seem Two jealous woman Is a dangerous scene More time ya mask Di double clip magazine Don't mek she find All di old 16 Two ah dem a war And start blood up di team I Jr.Gong The gyal dem tangerine One looking like She could ah be a ballerine Next one delicate She could ah be a figurine None ah dem nuh start Move sideways and lean
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