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Mobb Deep - The Infamous (при уч. 50 Cent)

The Infamous (при уч. 50 Cent)


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Mobb Deep - The Infamous (при уч. 50 Cent)
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Текст песни "Mobb Deep - The Infamous (при уч. 50 Cent)"

[Prodigy] Just when you thought it was safe to come out Infamous all in your face, in your mouth That's right, niggaz best to stay up in the house Watch we getting our money, for the two thou' Nigga, P back out in the streets, so what now? Strictly for the ghettos and hoods, in your town Pableek(?) got bundles of drugs in your town Like crack, coke and dope - remember me now? Queen Bridge motherfucker we'll blow your house down We the big bad wolf that'll eat your food clown I ain't gotta huff and puff you know my style Calm as fuck, I just let my gun wild out I got cash motherfucker I could have you touched But I rather be hands on with that son Certain things, you just gotta perform youself son When I start busting I don't stop till I hitting, c'mon [Hook: 50 Cent + (Prodigy)] Everybody got gangs everybody got clicks But they ain't like this (the Infamous) Everybody can't afford to live the lifestyle Of the young, black and rich (the Infamous) You ain't crazy, don't make me show you Why they call us this (the Infamous) We own the streets - who basically control This rap shit - G-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit! [Havoc] We got the most gangsta shit, the second most biggest projects We sold the most crack, since '86 We don't handle a lot of pricks, we the most thug You think you're dirty over there, but we're more dirtier We last more longer than them; more songs than them More money for us, more broads than them We get the most love in the streets I had the most tattoos, ever since thirteen P got the most now; our guns are the most loud With enough bullets to down mostly the whole crowd We drink the most Henny, yeah me and Jake We smoke the most weed, that's mostly the haze Get the most (?) kicked on a nigga's face Gotta be the most idiot nigga on the face Of the Earth, to ever let the thought cross your head That we're not the most likely to pop off kid [Hook] [Prodigy] Right now, I change guns with the season When I was young I bought Ninja Stars on Jamaica Ave Hitting trees then; started hitting trees then We ran the train on the girls and on my family dance schools We was beasting, little young heaven I had the rainbow knife, and when I got my first gun I was cheesing I couldn't believe it; I had the power of life or death In the palm of my hands, fiending But quickly to be scheming; if you choose to front on me That leaves me with no choice but to start squeezing And I hope they stop breathing Because if they do pull through, in the hospital beds They'll be squealing - talking to these D's man They don't waste no time, they want answers Even if you're still bleeding Homey I'm on the fleezy I ain't got no time neither I'm making money off of this - it's too easy! [Hook]
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