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Benassi Bros. - Liar [Original Version]

Liar [Original Version]

#Electro House

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Benassi Bros. - Liar [Original Version]
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Текст песни "Benassi Bros. - Liar [Original Version]"

Don't talk in vain, babe You're driving me insane Don't say your affair is over Last night I saw you Foreign arms around you Don't try to explain the problem 'cause it's you and me How does it feel to be a liar? I look into your eyes And I say mine Feel your blood floating in my veins, I tell no lies We belong together I... I believe our love will never die I have met you in some other life and you were mine We belong together It's so unusual You're falling in confusion You didn't expect that feeling Come on and show me At least a little shame, girl Your time hasn't come for leaving How does it feel to loose a lover? You had my faith but You're just a betrayer And what you need now is more than a prayer
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