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Mary J. Blige - No One Will Do

No One Will Do


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Mary J. Blige - No One Will Do
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Текст песни "Mary J. Blige - No One Will Do"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, woooo [2x] Seen many men in my time But none of them compare to mine I ain't gotta knock on wood To tell y’all that I got it so good He's everything that I need and All that a man should be Put me on a flight if I wanna Buy out the mall if I wanna [Hook] And I know ya'll heard before These same old metaphors My love is so much more I don’t wanna change it I don’t wanna do without ya baby Cause he’s just above the rest I must confess the best Love that I’ve ever had And I just gotta let you know this [Chorus] Don’t let ‘em tell you nothing different You’re the only one I’m needing I don’t want no one but you Baby no one will do And what they say don’t even matter They don’t know what I know about ya I don’t want no one but you Baby no one will do It’s me and him through the wire Cause when it comes to love he delivers My personal UPS I’m sending him an SOS That I love him and I want him And don’t wanna replace him with nobody else I’mma keep holding on I’mma keep the loving strong, ayayyyy [Hook] [Chorus] I don’t want nobody, nobody, nobody, no, no, no, no-body but you I don’t want nobody, I don’t want nobody You’re the only one for me boo ohhohhh
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