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South Park - La Resistance (Medley)

La Resistance (Medley)


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South Park - La Resistance (Medley)
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Текст песни "South Park - La Resistance (Medley)"

God has smiled apon you, this day, The fate of a nation in your hands, And Blessed be the Children, Who'll fight with all our Bravery, 'til only the righteous stand! You'll see the distant flames, they bellow in the night You'll fight in all our names, for what we know is right And when you all get shot, and cannot carry on Though you die, La Resistance lives on. You may get stabbed in the head, with a dagger or a sword You may be burned to death, or skinned alive, or worse! But when they torture you, you will not feel the need to run for, Though you die, La Resistance lives on. Sheila: Blame Canada! Blame Canada! Because the country's gone awry Tomorrow night these freaks will FRY! Soldiers: Tomorrow Night, our lives will change. Tomorrow Night, we'll be entertained. An Execution, what a sight.. Tomorrow Night! Satan: Up there, there is so much room Where babies burp, and flowers bloom Tomorrow night up there is doomed And so, I will be going soon! Terrance and Phillip: Shut your fucking face, Uncle Fucka! You're a boner-biting bastard, Uncle Fucka! Looks like we may be out of luck, Tomorrow night, we're pretty fucked! Why did our Mothers start this war? What the fuck are they fighting for? When did this song become a marathon? Satan: I want to be.. up.. there.. Sheila: When Canada is dead and gone There'll be no more Celine Dion! They may cut your dick in half (tomorrow night!) And serve it to a pig (our lives will change!) And though it hurts, you'll laugh.. (tomorrow night!) And dance a dickless jig. (we'll be entertained!) But that's the way it goes (an execution?) In war, you are shat upon! (what a sight!) Though you die.. (tomorrow night..) La.. Resistance.. lives.. on! Blame Canada! Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
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