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D12 - Bitch



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D12 - Bitch
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Текст песни "D12 - Bitch"

[Intro: Eminem] Bitches always be all... giggling and shit. (come on BITCH) But they get mad when there favorite song don't come on in the club. Catch an attitude and shit We got one for them. goes like this [Verse 1: Eminem] We wrote a song for the hoes You like to hear? Here it goes A little something you probably won't hear on your radio So when it comes on in the club it's one that everyone knows And if I'm talking too fast it just means you're listening too slow And if you listen a little faster maybe you'll catch up, Bitch Jew Ja Jaw Jaw Da Dun Jew Ja You just made me mess up, Bitch Bleeb Blab Blah Blah Blah Blah It don't matter, I'm just blabbering Like you understand what I'm saying Anyway I'm just traveling In one ear and I'm out the other You're so fucking drunk all you hear is the Beat the beat I could be saying anything Get ya ass on the floor Wear the same pants that you wore from the day before Baby and shake that ass like a whore [Chorus] Yeah I'm talking to you BITCH (get up and dance bitch) Wiggle that ass BITCH (yeah that's it. yeah I called you a bitch) What you going to do about it BITCH? Sit there and cry like a little BITCH? BITCH. Get up and dance BITCH (wiggle that ass bitch) You little trash BITCH (yeah that's it. yeah I called you a trash bitch) Not trailer trash SWITCH Take the person you with and exchange partners [Verse 2: Swift] Tell me that it ain't no hanging, and fuck calling home Until you look at me before you answer the phone When I flee, your ass can get as naked and be as free As you wanna be freak But I'm taking the key with me. You ain't gonna get shit, so don't even ask Disrespect my wishes, I'll beat your ass Watch me coming home floor eating half of your doggy bag And I leave laughing, while you calling me on the rag I'm the type that might cut off the lights when I hit And before she cut them on, Kuniva already SWITCHED Your ass ain't even riding with Swift unless your going When I'm done, I throw you out and ask you where you going [Verse 3: Bizarre] Hoe ain't the only thing you call a girl Slut, Tramp, (oh, how you doing sir?) Ever since I was 8, I been starting to hate I said fuck the Ho's, started eating cheese cake Scrambled eggs and steak, strawberries and grapes Damn that sounds great, hold on wait (Bizzy) OK, back to the bitches, wash the dishes after that Give me stitches. a fucking half Indian chick, suck my dick This time tomorrow, I wont remember shit Got respect for a player, got on snoop gators And they ain't Now-and-Laters, bitch [Chorus] [Verse 4: Kuniva, Kon Artis, Dina Rae] Hey baby whats up with you Aiiyo your man here with you? Nah, you single, I can tell(you came with them hoes didn't you) No you need friends girl, excuse him Mr lick it (aiiyo lets get this party cracking these bitches ain't got bitches) Now you know he didn't mean that (come on you seen that) (she all whining and shit, get this bitch a Kleenex) (what did he say?) Nothing, he said you seem stressed (naw, you got a big butt) And you wearing your nice dress(cause I was gonna say) (you wasn't gonna say shit) (excuse me?) He said Michael Jackson just got another face lift (dumb hoe) (oh, nigga!) No, gumbo, he wanna cook it for you tonight (bitch, what up though just fuck for a buck, do something strange for change, maybe holla for a dollar, just hop in the range) (fuck both yall niggas) See I was trying to be polite, stank ass trick (oh someone jacking off tonight) [Verse 5: Proof] Why you a bitch but don't choke I say the same to my momma I got Christina, Brittany with me, shit We banging Madonna Watch her strip y
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