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D12 - U R The One

U R The One


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D12 - U R The One
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Текст песни "D12 - U R The One"

[Chorus] Now out of all the women in the place You got me staring at your pretty face And what that body I can truely say That U R The One, U R The One, U R The One Amazed by the way that you shake them hips Shaking ya ass all on my dick I get aroused by them sexy lips Cause U R The One, U R The One, the only one that can move... [Swifty] And you wonder why I call you every day of the week And have the operator breaking on yo line when you speak And I can say I'ma make you mine in a blink You nominated just for your behind and I'm geek You a thug with yo best of friend mud wrestelin Sitting in the corner with a mug and a cup of Gin See me looking for you and yo in in the pens see I hug you dirty You confronting me for flirting You wanted me to suddenly my company's a burden But I won't jump off balchony and how can I be hurting I'm just playing with you and it's working Yo friends can't save you, they faking like they nurses [Bizarre] The first time I saw you up in them Guess You the only reason I use Federal Express Shit.. I don't be having no packages Now I'm getting dressor lamps and big mattresses I go crazy when I smell your odor I just wanna pick you up and take you to Ponderosa Steak and potatoes whatever you want Alright just the buffet my publshing check didn't come You don't care about D12 you don't know about Bizarre All you know is that I'm weird and I wear a Wonder Bra THat's fine... I just wanna make you mine Niggaz say you a 3 I think you a dime [Chorus] [Proof] I love the way your body gridin all in my face Only thing that's on your mind is which wallet to rape Yo ass look so perfect with your thong on your waist Built like a stallion you belong in a race Got money by the barrell king kong in the place Movie and a dinner is as long as I wait Hey I ain't in your ear all talking dates Got you dizzy off the crissy you ain't walking straight Got a room key in yo booty and lets cultivate You so pretty love them titties they soft and fake Bring yo friends damn you skin smell like coffee cake Yo meet me at the place when you get off at 8 [Kuniva] The way you moving got me bugging out And you quit to take off your jacket and slug it out We thug it out pouring 40s out, We give each other dap In fact We both hate going out we both hate small gats You the truth yo for real yo I love you to death And if we break up I'ma stalk you and bug you to death Until you scared to leave the house because you know I'm in the bushes We went from hugs and kisses onto shoves and pushes It's all love take it in stride I'm only joking with you I don't get down like that, you know I'll never hit you But still and yet if I ever feel I'm about to I'll gently grab your shoulders +SHAKE THE SHIT OUT YOU+, girl.. [Chorus] [Kon Artist] I take 'em light skin, dark skin short and black Attitudes sassy and they ass is fat Corporate suburb but you can be a classy rat Louis Vuitton cost too much to have a bag to match Girl forget all that, I'm getting rich off rap And you can be my A&R as long as you got my back Sagittarius are entrepreneurs and that's a fact And your birthday is seven days after mine correct? Well that's two thing we got in common baby Hope it ain't a problem that I'm involved with Shady Cause come next year I will not be dating Cause my plans to be with yo stanken ass ok, ok, ok [Chorus]
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