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Ja Rule - Only Begotten Son

Only Begotten Son


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Ja Rule - Only Begotten Son
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Текст песни "Ja Rule - Only Begotten Son"

He who believeth in Ja Shall not be condemned But he that believeth not Is condemned already Only because He has not believed In the man and the only begotten son My Lord [chorus] For he so feared the word He left his only begotten son To shed his blood Show that pain is love But I wont cry Cause I live to die Wit my mind on my money And my guns in the sky [x2] Yeah, Why would you leave somethin you love here to die In the cold And it grows Like a concrete rose Beautiful ain't I? Till I withered and died In them same streets you left me in Screamin Lord let me in I don't know where to begin Since I lost yo love But then again your love Was strictly for the drugs I dont know whether to hug Or to fill you with slugs Fuckin them whores Instead of claiming what's rightfully yours Pierced a hole in my heart from all the pain you caused With no direction you left your first born lost Give or take a few Cause my hate for you Grew, over the years Through blood, sweat, and tears I wanted to be just like you My father figure, now I want to fight you You bitch nigga, left me 'lone And parts of me never out grown The fact that you left home But moms was so strong Don't let them get you fed This world is yours she said Now nothin is stoppin me but two to the head In life there's more to come when it's all said and done You lost one love, your only begotten son [chorus 2X] Broke wit nothin to live for And damn ready to die young I'm the shadow behind the gun Look at what I've become The fear of many niggas The floss of most bitches The love that runs deepest In the hearts of street niggas Raised in the ghetto By the ghetto Was taught young to pop the metal That's how shit get settled Learn to cook up the coke Never leave home without toast Learn to fly my bitches with birds, in first not coach Never trust ya, from a toddler to hustla I was trained as a youngsta, to cock back and slug ya Love me or hate me, ya only son Let me live or kill me, the chosen one Ja, under the gun, gotta kill 'em fo' sho' If you want it you gonna get more then you askin for Life's got more to come, but when it's all said and done You lost one love, tour only begotten son [chorus 2X] I wanted to be forever yours Look it now we're nothin more than two lost souls Lookin to meet at the crossroads I burn the hydro, lay back with my eyes closed In deep thought like Brittany is somethin I'd die for How the fuck do you sleep at night? Knowin you wronged the only thing you ever did right Despite the loss I stretch the length of a short Now I got a new father whose name is New York Runnin wild in the streets With heat, we don't talk Cause when its cold you basically live life in dark But light will shine from the heavens and bless one Ja Rule; love, your only begotten son [chorus 3X]
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