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Ja Rule - Suicide Freestyle (feat. Case)

Suicide Freestyle (feat. Case)


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Ja Rule - Suicide Freestyle (feat. Case)
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Текст песни "Ja Rule - Suicide Freestyle (feat. Case)"

[Case] Ummm, Say all that I want to do Is to live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another nigga dies Niggas catchin five to ten years And it just ain't no use [Ja Rule] Uhh, uhh, ever heard of a nigga dying twice My love is just to live my life Till the Lord decides to out my lights Oh I know why niggas ain't prepared to die with me But we all got to die one day Even though the life has captured me Money, drugs and prisons, menages with women Forgive me God for living For I have sinned Now everybody wanna cage me in Don't make no difference cause I'm still here Breathing, can I get a witness? My life is misleading, hey Hey, cause anybody wanna fuck with me Come on just grab your heat my niggas Don't ever doubt your niggas What's life without my niggas? Talk to my niggas heart to heart We all live from hustlin' to ballin' It's crime we fall in Feds keep a lens peakin' through the Venetians But secret indictments Ya'll niggas is reachin' C'mon I'm in the business to break niggas And anybody that want it get it hot from the INC. niggas Ja Rule ready to kill niggas Bury 'em all Lookin to lay them down big to small Got the world in awe 'cause I'm spittin' the raw Never seen, never heard before but truly yours I'ma max out on niggas doin 2 to 4's Bang a nigga in the yard then get rid of the board Just because a nigga don't give a fuck get weeded and Hennied up Still the ball out be nuts Since you keeping in touch feel the guns bust for sure If you want any more Encore
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