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The Rolling Stones - Shattered



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The Rolling Stones - Shattered
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Текст песни "The Rolling Stones - Shattered"

Shattered, shattered Love and hope and sex and dreams Are still surviving on the street Look at me, I'm in tatters! I'm a shattered Shattered Friends are so alarming My lover's never charming Life's just a cocktail party on the street Big Apple People dressed in plastic bags Directing traffic Some kind of fashion Shattered Laughter, joy, and loneliness and sex and sex and sex and sex Look at me, I'm in tatters I'm a shattered Shattered All this chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter, chitter-chatter 'bout Shmatta, shmatta, shmatta -- I can't give it away on 7th Avenue This town's been wearing tatters (shattered, shattered) Work and work for love and sex Ain't you hungry for success, success, success, success Does it matter? (Shattered) Does it matter? I'm shattered. Shattered Ahhh, look at me, I'm a shattered I'm a shattered Look at me- I'm a shattered, yeah Pride and joy and greed and sex That's what makes our town the best Pride and joy and dirty dreams and still surviving on the street And look at me, I'm in tatters, yeah I've been battered, what does it matter Does it matter, uh-huh Does it matter, uh-huh, I'm a shattered Don't you know the crime rate is going up, up, up, up, up To live in this town you must be tough, tough, tough, tough, tough! You got rats on the west side Bed bugs uptown What a mess this town's in tatters I've been shattered My brain's been battered, splattered all over Manhattan Uh-huh, this town's full of money grabbers Go ahead, bite the Big Apple, don't mind the maggots, huh Shadoobie, my brain's been battered My friends they come around they Flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter, flatter Pile it up, pile it high on the platter
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