Usher - Twork It Out

Twork It Out


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Usher - Twork It Out
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Текст песни "Usher - Twork It Out"

Twork It Out lyrics [Ad-Libs] Yo, check this here There's nothing that I'd rather dothen spend this time with U. So why don't we just chill and make a cold cold sexy. U know U sure lookin'right Spend some quality time U make me wanns cha, cha, cha, ah, cha, cha....... Yeah right there, jus' keep it right there And I know you're gonna like it Ooh baby, U sure love to.... Know what I'm sayin' Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah [Verse1] We been hang out every day this week How 'bout'a n....fix U somthing to eat And just chill We anit gotta wild out just chill Parlay little momma right here Sippin' on chardonnay Slip on that Vicki Secret lingerie 'Cause I anit tryin' to throw my money away (in the streets) If I can see U twork it out for me [Chorus] Tworkin' it out Laying in the cut Kissing rubbing and making sweet love Dame the club tonight Lets twork it out It'll be just me on U from 11 to 6 in the morning I know U like it when I do U like that Let's tork it out [Verse2] Now that I got U all soakin' wet I bet U know what's commin' next I'm gonna twork U out Aw baby let me tell U how What U think about me Tworkin' U from your front to your backend Kick back in relax come sit up on my lap shorty Tonight I'm takin' U all the way Wont stop till U scream my name [Chorus 2x] [ Bridge] Moring is coming and I don't want to let U go Let's just lay here in this bed of red rose petals I know that we're spent but One kiss can make this start all over again If U want it baby come with me [Verse3] It's way too treal The way U making me feel The way you're tworkin' is oh so sexy Ooh baby U sure love to ball It's way too treal The way you're tworkin' is oh so sexy Ooh baby U sure love to ball [Chorus - Ad Libs]
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