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Usher - Pop Ya Collar

Pop Ya Collar


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Usher - Pop Ya Collar
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Текст песни "Usher - Pop Ya Collar"

Hello everybody, welcome today to the wonderful world of U. Now check it, you have two options you can eat it or throw it away... See it's a shame that when you're working hard doing well people hate you yeah buying nothing else but the best for yourself they really hate you yeah ya gotta live for you and no one else don't let em make you feel like you're not being real just live how ya wanna live you gotta do for you (Dig that) If you work hard play hard (Dig that) And do what you wanna do (Dig that) Just pop ya collar don't let what people say bother you (Dig that) You perpetrators I got something to say (Whats that?) You can eat it or throw it away (Picture that) You're just mad cause you're following in my tracks now can u dig that? Hey [Chorus 2x] Hey ladies (Yeah) Hey fellas (Yeah) You know you're doing good cause they're jealous they wanna hate you cause you're a go-getter pop ya collar don't let 'em sweat ya You can see me every week hanging out with a different girl sitting next to me cause I'm not about to settle down right now I gotta be free some of y'all fellas might be jealous but y'all know that don't faze me I just pop my collar tip my hat and turn my backs on the ones who hated me (Dig that) Never going home alone (Dig that) If she follows then you know it's on (Dig that) She gets the beeper not the cellular phone (Dig that) I let her know I won't be around for long (Dig that) To all you haters I got something to say (Whats that?) You can eat it or throw it away (Picture that) Stop hatin, wishin, waitin, anticipating for my heat to fade [Chorus 2x] I break my neck for the things I get so much sweat just so I can get that check and I'm not gonna let nobody bring me down (Nobodys gonna steal the crown) because I eat good I live good, I rock good, my life good if you got a lot and you're working for it pop ya collar don't be afraid to show it [Chorus fades out]
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