Usher - Come Back

Come Back


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Usher - Come Back
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Текст песни "Usher - Come Back"

Ooh, Ohh, hey... Na,Na,Na,Na,Na What Ya'll wanna do What all wanna do (tell me) [JD's RAP] See around here We're just too much We could slow it down and ya still couldn't Catch us My town Full of heavy hitters, Bread getter Real fly unforgettable type niggas See all I do is keep hittin' em up Getting' em up Shakin' ya but Nigga, what Lil Liberaci Can't nobody stop me Always's makin' moves So you better watch me Slide To the southside in my blue drop top 355 keep' it live When ya wanna make em jump (jump) You know what to do Call me and my crew To the rescue Captain So So Def We rocks the party til there's no one Left , (4, show) Trun ya volume up a notch And watch the ba bomb, bump, bump, bump Make yo' speakers pop You never missed your water til your well runs Dry I never missed my woman til she said good - bye Now my heart made a change My whole world's rearrange And I'm ready To give you what you deserved Baby, baby, baby please [Hook] Come back, Come back Lover this is where you belong In my arms, in my world Come back, Come back Lover this is where you belong In my life, as my girl The grass is greener On the other side We take people for granted til they're Out of sight I don't think that you know how much I'm going through I don't think that you know how much I really love you All I do Is think of you I can't eat Can't sleep Baby it ain't hard to see (all I do) All I do Is think of you And ya bump, diggy bump, bump, bump Diggy, diggy, bump, bump, baby [Hook] It's not what you want baby But what you need surger Come back with me Satisfaction guaranteed baby
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