Usher - Bedtime



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Usher - Bedtime
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Текст песни "Usher - Bedtime"

Craving your body all through the night Feels like I'm going through withdraws I wanna hold you I want you inside of these of these arms I'm dying to taste you, I can't deny Can't get out of my mind Please let me hold you Cause I need your lovin' tonight (Hook) Whenever I'm near you My love just comes down Whenever I see you I just want you around Cause I wanna feel you All through the day and the night Whenever I'm near you It feels like bedtime Constantly thinking of things to do Places where we can make love I wanna freak you I'll freak you wherever you want Placing my kisses all over you Caressing you so nice and slow Oh how, I want you Girl there's something I want you to know (Hook) I get so lonely Thinking about you You are the only Girl I dream of or think of at all I'm so into you Outta my mind for you Say you can't go a day without me Girl I love and I need you, I need you Do you get lonely Thinking about you You are the only Girl I dream of or think of at all Outta my mind for you Girl I can't go one day without needing you I just need to hold you U know that
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