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Usher - Just Like Me

Just Like Me


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Usher - Just Like Me
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Текст песни "Usher - Just Like Me"

[Lil' Kim] You got it going on (what, what) You got it going on (what, what) Come on, come on Strictly fuck we/those (6) digit niggas If the first one is a (9) they a buck behind, I live my rhyme At the same time can't find myself layin up, if you payin up Bullets start sprayin up, you know my niggas is sick The game ain't enough for you to run up in this I needs stacks of chips, you know dream house money Shit you just like me so don't start acting funny [Usher] Your the kind of girl that makes Everybody feel that your just so damn good (so damn good) But your secrets I found out So don't deny what you're about I know the truth, you know I do (I do) Chorus: I know you get lonely Just like me And you want it Just like me But act like you don't You know you're just like me [Usher] Quiet is kept you cry for help When no one else is there I betcha you touch yourself Does it feel good? Late night calls, I betcha you do it all Anything to get it off But you still persist to front on me Baby tell me (bridge) Why (oh why) do we play this game of chase When we know we both feel the same way And why, do you put me through all these changes When you know your just a freak like me You're just like me [Lil' Kim] If I had one wish in the world, I swear to God It would be for girls to rock pearls, straight out the oyster Voice your opinion Queen Bee made a million Got mirrors on my ceiling, so I can see it When ya head be in between it, if I had a penis I'd be heartless for real though, niggas start shit I'd just flash out my dido, ya'll move to quick Thought I'd be memorized by your cocaine bricks And ya smoke gray six, nigga thought you was a groupie Obsessed fan with my picture in your hooptie You heard my record now ya know I'm freaky So ya wanna wreek it and ya wanna see me How your dreams be, you want me sexual In a gun fight, 2 on 3 I'm next to pull, and I love life Something you never could imagine, then you woke the fuck up It's just rappin (Hook) Don't front like you don't girl you're just like me Just like me Just like me
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