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Cypress Hill - Another Victory

Another Victory


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Cypress Hill - Another Victory
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Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Another Victory"

Get ready motherfuckers! You can't fuck with the [spanish] Please no interruptions Your crew pull up guns get waxed in the sun Like my rag top six-five Smash you with the switches The hitch is, you're gettin too big for your britches Why you runnin like bitches With your tail up, I'm the thug pirate Put the sail up - your whole crew frail, what You want this joint, suck it inhale nut Niggas are feelin' this track in Braile, huh We're grade A while you motherfuckers fail, what You understand, immitators gotta bail up To all the males and females gangin' up All on my cell phone talkin' shit, hangin' up I gotta show you how a nigga bang it up Slangin' cuts Chorus: Your squad against mine You're minor leagues with major Detail the plans like verse Hit hard, catch you off guard Another Victory I slay rappers with precision I got vision like Anakin You panicin' I'm leavin you stiffer than a mannequin My high lyrics constantly brain damagin' Brandishin' a fire arm, still managin' Hurt niggas, bandagin' who give my lyrics That play like a mandalin I hold my mic like my dick, but you handlin' I kill flows on tracks who abandonin' I eat you like pussy, then take a sample, Then spit fire in the places you standin' in I take a fool to the Hill Light a candle then you in the dark stuck part in the scandalin' Now I see your whole brain's scramblin' Don't like what you hear, change the channel then nigga Chorus I spark cells of a rhythm You best listen, get it over with Stolen shit, rollin it, Cypress ownin' it Bitin' niggas clonin it, I got a dog got a bone to pick, you holdin' it Suck it hard swallow easy, put a soul in it Your body's on the floor, head got a hole in it The weed master, rhyme killer, mic controllin' it You still fuckin' but your wack, ain't throwin' it Stepped in shit, now your chillin' all alone in it Head full of hair, still ain't combin' it Five child in the world who's ropin' it Never know if i'm high or i'm throwin' shit I got you stuck in the Twilight Zone on shit I'm the owner of the fat joint you rollin' with, bitch Chorus
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