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Travis Scott - Can't Say

Can't Say


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Travis Scott - Can't Say
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Текст песни "Travis Scott - Can't Say"

No you can't say if I'm mad or not Smoking hella weed, I'm on that alcohol And shawty lick me clean the way she suck me off I keep two hoes in my bed, I got 'em turning out What would you do if you heard I got it going on? I had to burn, I left skrt marks, I had to dip (I had to) Gotta watch for 12 'round my town, you might get killed (better watch for 12) I'm out my mind, yeah I'm high above the rim (I'm on my mind) You cop it live, boy I got it all on film You gotta watch out where you rocking, shit get real Drink your real, I can't be fake, don't know the feel Gotta take a long drive up the hill Gang too wavy, move like Navy Seals I'm too wavy, think I need a Lyft Chicago baby she just wanna drill The vibes so wavy, it's too hard to kill Gotta watch…
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