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The Game - That's Presidents (feat. Telly Mac)

That's Presidents (feat. Telly Mac)

#Gangsta Rap#West Coast Rap

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The Game - That's Presidents (feat. Telly Mac)
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Текст песни "The Game - That's Presidents (feat. Telly Mac)"

[The Game] Death before dishonor Ride with weap' up, cause niggaz tryin to dent my armor Cold streets, Telly Mac keep the guns on 'em They wanna know how that nigga from California could run up on ya on any corner Put somethin on ya How I stuff bricks in the 6, with no crack aroma Dawg, I'm just livin for the moment I'm from Compton homey, but I'm like a center for Milwaukee Cause I play for the Bucks, and I keep the 40 on me Gotta keep the chrome-y, gotta keep my back to the wall Wait for Q to rock me up, like cavi dawg Speakin of lle', I put 8 in, 10 jump back hard And watch my money come back, like Jordan in charge I'm like the black Yankees, they don't want me around no more Cause I hold the record for the most fiends roamin the boulevard And when I'm on the boulevard, catch me behind the wheel of that new Escalade with the Foreman grill [Chorus - repeat 2X] Steppin out of Chevies with heat that's heavy - that's president Bullets flyin for them dead guys - that's president Led meltin inside your wig - that's president 20's 50's and 100's burnin - it's all president [The Game] It's Telly and young Game the hustler, ho juggler, coke smuggler No matter what the hustle, dough doublin Lle or the rock, give me a day and a spot And I bet I'll come back with 10K in the drop [Telly Mac] I'll stay in the spot, wearin a crop and coppin ounces Telly Mac and Game the hustler, we rock the house And plus we the reason that the blocks is out So my words to the wise is just watch your mouth [The Game] And you don't want it when the stainless out, what the game about The bullets is in, your brains is out All over Frisco and Compton dawg, we ruthless And the truth is y'all niggaz can't stop us dawg [Telly Mac] So why the fuck you wanna knock us off Like we some high-powered cowards and y'all really the niggaz that's soft Still across the train tracks, we turn 'caine crack It's Telly Mac and Game the hustler, you can't change that
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