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Cam'ron - Losing Weight Part 2

Losing Weight Part 2


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Cam'ron - Losing Weight Part 2
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Текст песни "Cam'ron - Losing Weight Part 2"

[Hook: Cam'Ron] Aiyyo, fuck losing weight I'm back on these highways moving cakes Life's based upon what I'ma do today Cop a car, new estate Na, fuck it get the beef and rocks blue and grey Baby do the date I got ta move an eighth Fuck the scrutiny Y'all niggas screwin me Killa never let the drama slide Y'all gone hear a nigga momma die Yell out homicide [Cam'Ron] 18 months please, that ain't facing time I'm stressed anyway, need it for vacation time I'ma do the right thing though, take shock anyway 6 months right back on the damn block anyway But look, money from across the street Think its sweet, think you get money across the street Me and my peeps often meet At 5-0 they work for us, walk the beef Walk with heat cause talk is cheap So dunn stay silent Revolvers, Automatics, guns stay silent When it comes to beef it becomes a talent Remember me, ODB, I'm the one from falice Digital ten, shit get critical friend I got 800 invisible men That mean it could be the bankman Person at the gas station filling up your tank, fam Lady at the front stand Or rap poison your relish right in the center babe Bitch is a renegades, she'll piss in your lemonade And y'all dead now That you can bet now Do like a toaster put your bread down Upset now, hate when I gotta rep clowns blow Tech rounds In a collision, I see their ambition But they don't know them days when I was stooped up in prison Or all them hot summers when I was cooped up in the kitchen When it came to grams it was 90 I fried 350 on the stove and its 90 outside I'ma get this girl that be stuff in my bricks Felt life cheated her, she be cuttin her wrists Her mom died, heroin overdose stuffed her wrist Father fuckin her, older man fuckin her sis But love my music, say I do nothing but hits She'll do anything for me, nothing but hits Cause when she needed help I got her nothing but fixed Needed coke, needed dope, ya I gave her a fix So she went across the street, gave him a kiss Stuck her toungue out, flirted, played with his dick You know Cam, he said "yeah, don't play with his chips" Stood back, blazed the 6, amazin and shit Killa, Killa, Dip Set nigga [Hook: Juelz Santana] Fuck losing weight We back on these highways moving cakes Life's based upon what I'ma do today I think my moms moving away Yeah, I think I'ma cop me that new estate Baby do the date I got to move an eighth Fuck the scrutiny Y'all niggas screwin me Juelz never let the cops get me On the block til the shots hit me Until the shots get me [Juelz Santana] Niggas wanna know why I'm so nice when it come to spittin that fire Its real dog, I live in the fire Used to being in the streets homie, in the mists of the fire Break works put it in pots, sit it in fire Quick to grab the 5th and just fire Try to peel off, I'm hittin your tire Hittin your door while your cars spinnin hittin the wall That's just the beginning of war I let you know you dealing with dogs My villians will finish you off Head in your chest brain Dead on the van on the express way While I got my hand in the Tech wave Niggas like "fuck, is he stupid?" Cops wanna cuff me, do it You wanna be a hero, snuff me, do it, rush me, do it Shit, like I ain't been through the scars and bruises Like I ain't been through the bars, seen the sargaent trooper Look at my body, I lost so much weight Cops raiding my spot, I done lost so much weight I'm tellin papi front me a brick, let me owe that cake He tellin me, he ain't got but so much weight He been waiting for his connection to come I'm like "at least give me a half, I'll confess and stretch it to one" I'm on the block as usual With that block that you chop and the
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