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Sean Paul - The Trinity

The Trinity


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Sean Paul - The Trinity
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Текст песни "Sean Paul - The Trinity"

Just gimme the gees an we be clubbin yow. Gal a make wi please and we be thuggin' now. Little hennesy an we'll be bubblin yow. Set we mind at ease we got to take it slow. Verse 1: So when you see the S.p. floatin don't provoke him Cause the girls we be poking have to smoking. Best thing fi the recreation a fi get the best girls inna every nation. All Topper girls we promotin and suportin And dem love how we flow king here them shouting First class ticket invitation girls from New York, England and Jamaican. Chorus: Everyday we be burnin not concernin what nobody wanna say. We be earnin dollars turning cause we mind de pon we pay. Worth more than gold and oil and diamonds girls we need dem everyday. Recognize it, Pimpin as we riding. Verse 2: Girls them a page me waan fi raise me True me write nuff tune and drive them crazy. Well I man a true born Jamaican Ready fi the girls them inna every situation. We a the gal dem pro, them know we flow With the lyrical content that make them dip low and Make the club keep jumpin Turn up the bass make we here when it pumpin. Summertime bounce to the music people choose it Sean da P gal a cruise with... well reputed cause. We a the girls them champion, Have nuff a them like the great king Solomon. Many girls inna wi eye sight sexy dress type Se them ready fi a hype night Just gimme di light An make we blaze it the roof we haffi raise it again Chorus: Verse 1 (repeat) Chorus(repeat)
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