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Faithless - Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali


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Faithless - Muhammad Ali
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Текст песни "Faithless - Muhammad Ali"

If all you keep hearing it so long you will see me as a super star And you’ll have time to waste with your minions and tink I see your face in front of me, Still grainy from that old black and white tv My whole family silenced, Watching you shape destiny with your 2 hands, Faster than the eye can see. Mesmerizing You know what skinny little me started to struggle, 10 years old suddenly bold Cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring, Be smart never give an inch, No retreat when I’m wrapped up Respect from teachers, red necks And creatures who attack in a pack Like incensed never seen the light not before or Since a young prince And I remain convinced of his invincibility Athletic agility, virility, Seen your free spirit for every through eternity stings Like a bee mr muhammed ali I want to know who you are! I want to know who you are! I want to know who you are! Your achievements defy belief from the belly of the beast rising like yeast, My release from low self esteem Came when I saw you rapping on my tv screen. Float like a butterfly, That describes my walk to school after fight night I felt so cool cause I was at place too, Love myself born slippy Outta love for you, And I knew that someday people would love me too. None of that heckling about my black skin got through, I would walk bare foot through hell for you, It was how I felt back then I would still do for you, So accept these humble words of praise, And my gratitude for those glorious days And your victorious ways, Instilled in the young minds, Skill sublime yours to mine! I want to know who you are! I want to know who you are! I want to know who you are!
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