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Mack 10 - Here Comes The G

Here Comes The G

#Hip-Hop#Gangsta Rap#West Coast Rap

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Mack 10 - Here Comes The G
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Текст песни "Mack 10 - Here Comes The G"

K-Dee talking: Hey hey hey baby check it out. I'm K-Dee, & that's my nigga Mack 10 over there. Now he gotta be cooler than the nigga thatyou sittin' with, so pump yo' brakes 'cause here comes the G. Foe Liiife!! Uhh that's right uhh yeah ha ha ha ha what the fuck you smilin' at right Verse 1 It's that nigga west side swangin' heat I'm bringin' like I'm bangin' slangin' khakis hangin' took the script & I'm flippin' it got bustas straight trippin' it never thought Mack 10'll be the new nigga rippin' shit Real G style on a funky freestyle solo flo show with my bitch & my lo lo gettin' my floss on as I slide my locs on hit the corna' bitch hold on Danas is what I roll on So watch yo' step quiet it's kept on the leak I blast I don't stick the different nigga in the click as I kick rhymes niggas pick mines from the stack threw the roof on the sack then cut the 'lac front & back on all gold hundred spoke D's when I skiis nigga please wanna be G's don't wanna see these straight from killa Cali it's like the Valley of Death of who's left I'll be a G 'til my very last breath Chorus Alli alli all come free here comes the G Fresh as a new pack I'll be doper than my cavi sack Alli alli all come free here comes the G Checkin' loot like it's crazy in painter pants & Stacys (Repeat) Verse 2 Now as I roll through the turf with that true G pride feeling high as I ride from the west to the eastside On them switches went from rags to riches all snitches must die I can't lie I like them hoochie bitches though I know that a hoe is a gamble scandle hard to handle them dookey braids & sandals That's how I like it hike it touchdown then spike it then pipe it so tough they can't gripe it So if it's on from uh dusk 'til dawn keep it crackin' stay packin' as long as niggas jackin' Mackin' like Goldie bumpin' nothin' but oldies reminiscin' tilt the 40's when I vibe the dead homies. Talking: Yeah I wanna say what's up to all my deceased homeboys from the west & eastside didn't make it to see this rap. Oh yeah it's still Mack 10 foe life puttin' it down like this here. Chorus Verse 3 Down for the dirt I sport khakis and a white t-shirt slangin' work got the big birdies that don't chirp I came up from a crawler now my stack is taller big baller shot caller movin' shit like a U-Hauler So now it's on like that & I'm rollin' controllin' the 'hood guns about a boat swollen back arms tatted (Inglewood) so tweed can get gatted cavi water weed or speed what you need 'cause I have it So come through run through & uhh smell the vapors won't be no set trip if it's all about paper Down with the Lench Mob I can't go wrong well known & it's on bankin corners in my Brougham Chorus Mack 10, westside, foe life, and we out
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