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Funkdoobiest - Papi Chulo (feat. Daz Dillinger)

Papi Chulo (feat. Daz Dillinger)


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Funkdoobiest - Papi Chulo (feat. Daz Dillinger)
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Текст песни "Funkdoobiest - Papi Chulo (feat. Daz Dillinger)"

Featuring Cobra Red Daz Dillinger] [Sun Doobie] Don't worry Kingpin Don Sun Juan Papi Chulo the only one ?fun? Shake your booty for my crew FunkDoobie Yours truly lonely ?sleestak? kick my duty Gettin groovy Funk is ?Sun ny to the Boonies? Black hoodie they'll say I'm home now boogie What they told me ?bunch of germ tango showbie? Mango juicy you know who I be Latin formanizer luxury liner Fly designer, penthouse hind finder Nuttin finer, than this latin mic sniper Godiva's know who's hype, who brings it liver Chorus: best guess? at the spanish Soy, Papi Chulo, muerte la cahdera Soy, Papi Chulo, muerte la baka, ahh Baby don't you know I wanna be with you Ohhh baby let me see your body move... [Daz Dillinger] Papi wid it, notice how we rush the floor we get it yo who did it (he did it) we bustin and we watch the deez spinnin This inner zone's forbidden, Daz Dillinger comin with the force of a cobra, and now you been bitten Bustin to the extreme, show my, broadest and realest You know me to get the illest, now hah, can you feel it? Dope, gangsta FunkDoobie, all in my trunk, every time you see me but you won't, check out the way I smash stumps to rude comps, what? Breakin down your doors, for you and yours, say what? Bronze Tony's baddest status, a mean being the brother's the toughest and the baddest, hah hah Check it out Chorus [Sun Doobie] The rugged 'Rican puts five to your blunts and congo drummin, countin stacks by the hundreds Doobie's comin, so don't act stubborn Girls by the dozen get the toast uncut [Cobra Red] Senorita, toast strawberry margarita Lady like ?man of bring? the pool out the heater Big cash, no time for laughs when you request ?over? for hire, hoes retire, the battle was won by the rest, we take your chest, intrude a vibe that is best, game sewed up tight, like a seamstress Petite, in a long ?spleen skin? skirt, puttin it work Pushin em in the dirt, doin the maneuver, by being a flirt flirt Chorus singer: Papi Chulo, I wanna do the things you do, you make me move Do what you do when you do what you doooo Baby don't you know I wanna be with you Whoaaaahhh baby let me see your body moveeeeee! [Sun Doobie says a bunch of stuff in Spanish
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