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J. Kwon ft. Petey Pablo - Get XXX'd

Get XXX'd


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Petey Pablo ft. J. Kwon - Get XXX'd
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Текст песни "J. Kwon ft. Petey Pablo - Get XXX'd"

Track boys, whoa whoa You heard the name J-Kwon, whoa whoa Yea you'll see me in a minute, whoa whoa Petey Pablo, whoa whoa We gettin XXX'D man, whoa whoa Ebony eyes, whoa whoa Y'all ready, whoa whoa I'ma run while gettin front, jus cause you gettin none Hit a cop then hit a nun, it's all wit a gun What is done is what is done, it's all for the fun Somebody said I cut off their head its already done Yo I'm black wit many straps I'm put in many masks wit a bat my clipped On I'm bangin wit that whurr its at is whurr its at Don't worry 'bout that You a solider where a soldier relate to that Now I'm marchin down the alley eatin Rally's How many motherfuckers that try we need a tally now we bluntin there mind and then we outy Rowdy they step on the bomb the pump outy Doubt me I'll start the shootin up in the alley Track one here I'll give a bomb to your family Meet your family then they start to get calm see But yo I'ma doin any way what [Chorus] You can take it thurr, we can handle that You can take it thurr, we can handle that You can take it thurr, we can handle that You can take it thurr, we can handle that West coast get XXX'D, East coast get XXX'D Mid—west get XXX'D, down South get XXX'D West coast get XXX'D, East coast get XXX'D Mid—west get XXX'D, down South get XXX'D [Petey Pablo] Now take a ride as we roll thru the ghetto But keep your foot on the pedal cause it can get pretty extreme in the ghetto Triple XXX level no hold bar we got hood capped and lieutenants and project sergeants Capable of pullin your card'n bombin your car grenades through your windows This is all I walk take the main road anywhere we go every time we role Have me transportin guns stashed in the truck flow Real talk dog I hit real hard one swing knock a motherfucker block slam off Hit him in the part where he talk from Now he got a momma cause the wires in the jaw make it hard for him to tell you somethin The sun ain't down but the storm comin The best thing for you to do is try to get prepared for it They find him bread water milk a couple cans of soup And a place to go just in case you had to move [Chorus] [J-Kwon] Runnin when it comes to the twos, I'm not forgivin the blues I'll knock another man clean out his shoes We get to breakin the rules, let's get to takin them jewels He still trippin I'll turn his ass into dog food Who got the static huh, who bring the blasting huh The automatic huh, and let them have it Chump I'm a savage what, let me show you magic bro One shot of this I'll turn your ass into sawdust I know we lawless, I'm talkin all us When it come handlin business dirty we flawless See these revolvers, that's why they call us The same reason the police ain't never caught us I'm on another level words from a true rebel I rock bitches and I ain't talkin heavy metal You just a crumb, and me I'm a Dirt Devil Let's see whats left as soon as the smoke settle
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