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Xzibit - Back 2 The Way It Was

Back 2 The Way It Was


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Xzibit - Back 2 The Way It Was
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Текст песни "Xzibit - Back 2 The Way It Was"

Yeah.. yo.. c'mon Ride wit me, lemme take you somewhere [Xzibit] My father was a soldier, my mother was a rider I was born wit my fists balled up, I'ma fighter Inspired, a real rhyme writer Get past the past the future looks brighter But, I wanna get it back to the way it was Exchange blows, elbows and it was still love A better time, better place in space Cause nothin can erase, shame tat' like my nigga Chase Cause Bigga B will never be replaced, right And I'ma scream it to the whole fuckin human race Get a bar, get a taste Enforce the muscle to ya hustle and ya did it with grace Cause real niggaz don't save face, they make movements Back to the time when hip-hop was music When N.W.A. got booed at the Apollo Broke "Straight Outta Compton" and the whole world followed Cause right now hip-hop is hollow With no substance, X-Man with the roughness Cause success can suck sometime And many of us the way we act, we even lost our minds [Chorus] You can hold your breath, 'til your blue in the face But you can never ever take my place I stay strong whether right or I'm wrong Through the struggle I will live on (now sing the song wit me) You can speculate, on every breath I take But you can never ever take my place I stay strong whether right or I'm wrong Through the struggle I will live on [Xzibit] Back to the day when +Cooley+ was +High+ Hustle big like Butch in the Y-B-I We did it 'n died, the gang still multiplied Sock yo windpipe, cut yo air supply Hypnotized, not by the glitz 'n glamour So fuck them cameras, all I need is clips and hammers The X-Man said that the first rhyme out Were my fans worth my time? The first line out, so Here we are eight years strong and still movin Groovin with a reputation ya can't ruin I wanna take it back how it used to be Five thousand fucked up, rockin outta unity [Chorus] [Xzibit] Was it the alcohol in you, the money the power the fame that made you actually attempt to try to disgrace my name? Played those games nigga when I was younger in life 'Til I seen another man's life cut short with a knife Lose teeth, cause beef, no peace with us Ya can't hang, and ya sho' can't eat with us When times get tough, the tough get rough and drastic Never been blasted, never been an arrogant bastard But I coulda been a lawyer, I shoulda been a doctor I never been a actor, I'm nothin but a monster I move in silence, speak with violence Think with science, live free and walk with lions Cats around me with gats like Yasser Arafat It takes a nation of millions to hold me back Pounds of cush to push what I'm talkin about It's hard to talk the talk with a gauge in yo mouth It's hard to walk the walk with ya back blew out Don't let the things that you can't change stress you out Cause X take the money and run, and raise a man from a son And change the world with the power of one c'mon [Chorus]
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