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Jamie Foxx - Three Letter Word

Three Letter Word


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Jamie Foxx - Three Letter Word
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Текст песни "Jamie Foxx - Three Letter Word"

Yo you sleep Naw I just um, I think I want some more Yea I know we just got through But its just so good, I just can't help it tho' Its something about your body Naw it ain't all I think about Well to be honest, oh [Verse:] I'm startin' to believe, Something's wrong wit me, Cause everyday, every night, every hour, every minute I'm thinkin' 'bout it I can be at my job, in my car, up in church And when I try to pray it off, it won't work It seems that I can't get enough of [Chorus:] (Sex) All the time (Sex) On my mind (Sex) Everywhere I go (Sex) I'm tryna let you know (Sex) It's stronger than any drug even love S-E-X ohhheee (Sex) Can make you crazy (Sex) Can make a baby (Sex) All night long (Sex) It's the perfect song (Sex) Stronger than any drug even love S-E-X oh [Verse:] Its getting to the point where I (where I) I watch it on TV when I buy DVDs Thirty-nine ninety-nine for the new releases (39.99 for the new releases) I ain't proud of it, 'cause it's getting in the way of love for me And I can't help it, can't shake it (You know what) Sometimes I hear it calling me [Chorus 1X] [Hook:] Some call it bad, some call it good Some do it bourgeois, some do it hood I do it hood (can I say that one more time) girl I do it hood oh Some like it slow, some like it fast It don't mater the tempo long as it lasts I make it last (can I say that one more time) girl I make it last oh
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