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DMX - The Industry

The Industry


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DMX - The Industry
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Текст песни "DMX - The Industry"

[whispered: Ruff Ryders] [DMX talking] Yea, (another gutter...) you know we had to do it this time baby! Nah-mean? My nigga D, we walk through the motherfucking' doors Of the industry together baby! Nah-mean? (Gots to tell the truth) You gave that shit dog, Yanahmsayin? Me like yo, go hard on these niggaz baby, Nah-mean? (Gots to tell the truth) Go hard just let niggaz know What the fuck is really going on Now that's what the fuck I did! Aight! Arf, Arf. What! [DMX] The industry; man its not the same The industry; its not a fucking game The industry; real niggaz is dying to get in The industry; just define they don't fit in The industry; ain't what it used to be The industry; trying to control the way you MC They want you to dress like that this and talk like that But I'm gon' dress like this and talk with the gat The industry; got y'all word meaning nothing The industry; fuck what you heard cause he's bluffing The industry; money, bitches, hate But I dare you to try to take a fucking thing off my plate The industry like "Wait!", but in the streets we like "Get 'em" Set 'em teed up in that thing, catch 'em sleeping and hit 'em And Ima pop whoever with 'em, the coroner is coming to get 'em Industry niggaz, so that's how I did 'em [Chorus] The industry; mad niggaz is full of shit The industry; mad niggaz is sucking dick The industry; bitches keep thinking its a game The industry; don't mention my fucking name The industry; mad niggaz is full of shit The industry; mad niggaz is sucking dick The industry; bitches keep thinking its a game The industry; don't mention my fucking name, nigga [DMX] The Industry; if you ain't got a strong mind The industry; you ain't get down its a matter of time The industry; vultures with nothing to feast on The industry; see me I'm getting my beast on The industry; staying in the dirt, playing in the dirt Touch the wrong one in the industry and you will get hurt I'm not an industry artist, I'm an artist in the industry That's why you what the fuck I want, cause nobody can finish me The industry; wanted dead or alive New artist to sell they souls, the way they survive The industry don't give a fuck about you But the industry couldn't make a dime without you The industry; I'm sick of this industry shit The industry; playing you like a industry bitch They try to finish me quick but I am on, so I stand strong Fuck the beat, listen to the words of the damn song [Chorus] [DMX: over chorus] Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh [x2] Shit is crazy yo They loaning you money to make a album You pay 'em back the money, they still on the album What part of the game is that? (I tell you the truth, I don't lie) You write your own shit, but they hold on to your shit What part of the game is that? (I don't try to hurt nobody, I mind my business) You know what, the average nigga makes like (All these industry niggaz could suck a fucking dick!!) Twenty-six cents over a motherfucking record We need a motherfucking union baby!!!
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