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Steelheart - Dancin' In The Fire

Dancin' In The Fire

#Hard Rock#Glam Metal

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Steelheart - Dancin' In The Fire
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Текст песни "Steelheart - Dancin' In The Fire"

Dancin' in the fire! Sneaking around like a lost hungry hound Shaking her love in the wrong place wrong time She needs satisfaction Yeah, she hides to be runnin' wild and free But the ring on her finger is welded down to the bone And it's driving her crazy Oh honey child have your lost your mind, does your fantasy burn The chair is slippin' your noose hangs tight, will you ever learn Chorus: Dancin' in the fire but the ice is melting slow Holding on too tight and she just can't let it go Heat is coming on, she could see it in his eyes Dancin' in the fire She hangs the key behind the back door light So the dirty dog can slide in and out of her love [ From: ] Little girl craves candy Turns on her big brown eyes and little Mary cries When her tongue twists and turns, the alibis run dry, a damn good liar Oh hungry child, has it crossed your mind, what kind of life you've sown Champagne on ice, the sugar and spice has lost your way back home chorus Dancin' in the fire (Solo) Dancin' in the fire chorus repeats 2x Dancin' in the fire!
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