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Steelheart - Love 'Em And I'm gone

Love 'Em And I'm gone

#Hard Rock#Glam Metal

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Steelheart - Love 'Em And I'm gone
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Текст песни "Steelheart - Love 'Em And I'm gone"

Sweet little thing you take the breath outa me My heart of lust craving fantasy Let's roll around in mud and play in the sand A one night stand, yeah a dream come true Skin on skin, feel my love for you I'll spin you upside down, turn you inside out - yes So baby don't fight it, don't hide it, you got it and I want it We'll make them stockings run and punch for overtime (don't fight it) When we make love deep inside the oven, we'll melt in honey (melt in honey) Sweet little thing I ain't selling no lies I'll make your dreams come alive Rock me, hold me, love me, touch me, ooh yeah, I love 'em and I'm gone Kissed me once, now kiss me twice Cross your fingers and roll them dice Well babe, (S.O.B.) (slide over bitch), your ass is mine So soft and frail with a doubt in her eyes I feel my blood pumpin' and my soul cries Can't stop now 'til the cookins' done Yeah baby don't fight it, don't hide it, you got it and I want it (Don't fight it, don't hide it)
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