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Steelheart - Like Never Before

Like Never Before

#Hard Rock#Glam Metal

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Steelheart - Like Never Before
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Текст песни "Steelheart - Like Never Before"

It ain't no crime, baby, oh that you're so fine But for your love I'd walk the line I don't want to hurt you baby, or break your heart I don't wanna leave you lonely, or tear your world apart Chorus: I wanna love you like you've never loved before I wanna love you, then come crawling back for more Yeah I want more, like never before, yeah Tell me all your troubles baby, I'll kiss away the tears I'll hold you in my arms for a thousand years Oh tell me all your dreams, I'll try to make 'em come true Cause when it comes to lovin' honey, I'll live and die for you Chorus repeats 2x (Solo) Oh woman, I wanna love you, yeah I wanna love you Chorus repeats out...
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