Cypress Hill - Checkmate



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Cypress Hill - Checkmate
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Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Checkmate"

Bout to mash these niggaz man Don't come in my backyard motherfucker Hahaha, B-Real and the DOG, motherfucker! Ha! Yeah Here we go y'all, that's the nigga head dog Lunatic smokin loops, loose in your sector Got my eye on em, on the apparatus like a bone to a dog, yea you know I gotta have it Anywhere you get it shit, and I'ma grab it Turn around stares to your face and I jab it Drop you, like one of those ill bad habits Hunt you, like a hillbilly huntin a rabbit Cuttin niggaz up like Muggs on the wheels for reals, penetentiary steel Pull heads to bed from the choke of a headlock Fadin baldheads to perms, even dreadlocks BWOY, rudebwoy with me style I can get foul or wild, or just cool for a while [Chorus: B-Real, Sen Dog] (Checkmate fool!) Hang em high Got the live shit, bang em whenever you/he wanna try Shoot to thrill, be at the Hill, I/we take em all (Checkmate fool!) Wherever the pawns fall [repeat 2X] [B-Real] Look look punk, every way you get shook To the pawn, takin out the rook, off of the book Lights get tooken, taken you for Satan You can't breathe, no need to look up and see me The last hope, when you mellow you call whoever For the hype shit, you call the Hill, put it together Runnin this game, bringin the same, raw shit Over the hills, through the city we come equipped to the letter, keepin your temperature down low What I reveal, the good shit to heal all souls Makin you roll late night, you trippin, my game's tight To the new shit I bring, never the same hype so PUSH THAT SHIT OFF, get up, don't let off No matter how much blood you spit up You could never be, fuckin with Greenthumb The outcome's specific, you spliff it, collapsed lung We hit hard, breakin your guard, you can't tell when the bells ring, bustin your shell, the pawn fell [Chorus] (Peek-a-Boo, you fuck you!) [Sen Dog] I'ma freak that funk yea slam it in the trunk I'ma kill all junk with the suicide clunk Ain't nobody came my way, talkin bout the Westside of L.A., so whatever punk-ass click you claim, you keep bumpin that shit and elevate your frame, cause I want that big-time, asshole, studio gangsta Worth a lot of shit, but that's not the main factor [B-Real] My nigga Sen's rollin again, remember when we rocked shows, battlin foes, the time's been long Strong with the styles, you ain't hear to win Like blood pourin out of the pen, the ink stains Slim chance if it gets in your brain, the hot flash got you heated with repeated attacks over the tracks Smack niggaz up, back niggaz up, hack niggaz up Jack niggaz up, hangin the wack niggaz up Snowball effect, we rollin the city limits Crushin the bitch-ass niggaz with all the gimmicks [Chorus] [Sen Dog] Checkmate fool!
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