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Nelly - Play It Off (Feat. Pharrell)

Play It Off (Feat. Pharrell)


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Nelly - Play It Off (Feat. Pharrell)
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Текст песни "Nelly - Play It Off (Feat. Pharrell)"

[Hook: PhaAnnotaterrell] She got that ba-da-buh-da Your girl ain't gotta know I hit ya last night I was all over your body goin ba-da-buh-da Dame be such a hottie Yo she's lookin over here but she won't get it out me y'all Shake it off, that's how you play it off Shake it off, that's how you play it off Not now, no you can't take it off But play it off, she won't know a damn thing [Pharrell] I play it off 'til it's played out I had her motherfuckin ass on the couch, honey laid out She hintin around at gettin ate out I know I'm spaced out (yeah) but the shit sound way out [Nelly] So I had to take a playa out, switch up my whurrabouts Cause she was tryin to turn a playa out And plus she know a nigga blazed out And lil' mama gon' crack a window, let the haze out [Pre-Hook: Pharrell] She said she loves that stroke Keep on her heels and her coat Then she say she loves my moves And the way I do, what I do She got that ba-da-buh-da Gotta make, sure, I don't get attached That ba-da-buh-da But it keeps, on, bringin me back [Hook] [Pharrell] The Sun sick a triflin, so sick he have ya snifflin Plus the chains like the nigga Slick Rick an' them [Nelly] We had pick of them, strictly all dimensions and Not to mentionin the Benjamins is thickenin [Pharrell] And now it's like a odyssey when she sayin hi to me She eat the dick, then she cry when she gotta leave [Nelly] Bye, bye, you gotta go now (yeah) My girl, just, pulled up outside [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Pharrell] Just know the whole hood is lookin at you So don't let your girl catch you [Nelly] So have your story right, on how we met Just have your story right, and don't never forget You need your story right, cause she'll be upset Her inner feelings'll be disrespect, but [Pre-Hook] [Hook] [Nelly] Story right (Just know the whole hood is lookin at you) Story right (So don't let your girl catch you) Story right..
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