Cypress Hill - The Funky Cypress Hill Shit

The Funky Cypress Hill Shit


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Cypress Hill - The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
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Текст песни "Cypress Hill - The Funky Cypress Hill Shit"

[B-Real] I came to introduce a new type of juice Stuff I invents to make you feel real loose No you don't drink it, just let it sink it Then start feelin it (The Funky Cypress Hill Shit!) People ask, "Why do you sound so funny?" They must be talkin bout my funky nasal vocal money I take control, no need to blow my nose Just click on the chumpy and feel the funky flows For you and your bros, him and his hoes You don't like it? Here's my dick -- bite it There's nuttin you can do about the real one It'sa ill sum with the ill juice, I'm +The Phuncky Feel One+ Sen'll +Psycobeta+, blast ya if he hasta Tell em Sen (I'm the Psycobeta master!) Strikin ya (hittin ya) buckin ya (fuckin ya) Like my buddha plant boy, I'm gonna keep PLUCKIN ya Pickin ya, then I'm gonna roll you up and light ya Despite your booty in sight to take my joint To get to my point, I'm talkin about a ill trip The Funky Cypress Hill Shit [Sen Dog] The Funky Cypress Hill Shit! (4X) [B-Real] Let me tell you what happens when you squeeze, you're juiceless You can't get loose, so now you're useless Can't feel the funk so I guess I'll pump the wrist How bout this mug kiss my blunt? Right into ya, now you're feelin, the chemicals vibin Are you realizin, that, it's gettin better? Surprisin you, whether or not, your shit's together From the high-pitched levels (comin from my rebels) Cypress Hill imported it, boiled it in steam But yo everything ain't what it seems Cause the Cypress Hill material luxurious superior Glory or memorial, historical physical Ingredients, gettin that immediate blend Yo Sen take aim, and let the juice now extend (Yeah I'm still comin atcha, but you don't need to duck down Cause this is somethin different than a Psychobetabuckdown!) [Sen Dog] The Funky Cypress Hill Shit! (4X) .. [Sen] Kick that shit B-Real! [B-Real] Intellect filthy umm lingo Dissed you, I control elements, suck on slow (to get you all jazzed) from here to Tallahassee This ain't Florida, so put away the O.J Never in your life will you wet this This crazy business, now you're thinkin (?) (?) it's good like some cheeba The formula will run ya I'll start takin up a list So you can get blitzed and you feel your head's twisted Now insisted, you feel it to the brim Yo I ain't him, I could never be them This ain't poison, so let's go out on a limb For the boys and girls who haven't had it yet If you get too much, and roll it too straight Yo it's a fatal blow, somethin like a ? Yeah it'll sting ya, (?) See ya, I'm on it, somethin for the blunted Just what you wanted, so you can feel the high Smokin the buddha thai Lungs expandin and now you're feelin it Yeah, the funky cypress hill shit! [Sen Dog] The Funky Cypress Hill Shit! (4X)
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