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De La Soul - Area



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De La Soul - Area
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Текст песни "De La Soul - Area"

(I can just remember the number...) DOVE: Just another area POS: For me to patrol DOVE: Just another area POS: That shows I got soul DOVE: Just another area POS: For me to patrol DOVE: Just another area POS: That shows I got soul I got soul you see I'm swimming in the De La I'm in my hood man my manhood worries ya I'm known for sampling of soul food Off the old school plates When I met up with my niggas from the 718 One the Jungle Bro, the other Questers from Queens Yet I had the matrix of the 516 in my jeans Still I sided with my funk to bring my second on call For me and the Sheep, our mission's on the beach of 804 (You're runnin' on an empty tank) But still get paid in full (And get the girls) Man, I'm packing gravitational pull Bring the instamatic avalanche, my code intervenes I'm out to scout the areas that remains to be seen (What?) DOVE: Well, many many digits had me seeking in my Wizard Man, who's ringing up my area (ooh) oh! I used to shoe it to the bridge but that's gone Like the 718's out of Vietnam Sniffin' skypagers had me drugged (Man I knew a psycho) 703's on my love bug I made mates with the brothers up in 215 Crazy buddhas in my mind My Chattanooga champ had me late for the camp And my 202 keeps me marvellous I guess Mars was my hideaway But if the stars for a getaway... POS: Since I'm capable I conjure up a walk in this way I slip a syllable for Aspen and a Chester souffle I be the 919 seeker, 'cause ain't off logic So when I'm with my crew I always have a place to sit Due to this, a brother tries to play me (Yeah, like one in 514) Yo, some kid tried to flip on me They instigated a brawl (So we set our knuckles on stun and made them all fall) Then I just laughed (Ha ha ha ha ha ha) (We whooped that ass) And put the feelings aside, I know who I am I cast the grain by the pound I make sounds with the horn When I colour the corn, caught the fit And sit the two when honey slung the tip DOVE: Well I'm taking my finds to the 301's And I'm playing my flute in the rear kibbut My man from the 908's, he don't like it like that So I pipes till the sunshine hikes A kettle of our master plan makes a Malibu idol (God forgive me) Well, it's a hook The third to the 0 to the 5 had top feel the vibe When the 516 played convicts MASE: The man Maseo is here to put the habit along And what you have, I'm 'bout to speak about your area code Is it 918? (No) Is it 212? (No) Speakin' on 404? (Hell no) What about 516? (I dunno) What is it? (Not tellin' ya) What is it? (Not tellin' ya) What is it? (Not tellin' ya) What is it? (Not tellin' ya) (Huh? What?) POS: Just another area for me to patrol I got status 'cause I'm baddest with the paint Giving upside down frowns to London wood 703 Her moms didn't like it, I had to let be For the fact I lays bricks 'Cause my semen ends with the letter T My seed is hard to submerge I play the tack in the wall if my rear's not watched 'Cause some knuckle might just head for the urge But I got Prince Paul in the Area (Oh, it's like that now) I got Hot Dog in the Area (Heh heh heh) I got the Violators in the area (Aaah) I's got the Violators in the area (Aaah) It don't matter where you hi
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